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Returns Policy

Returns Policy:

-       In case you want to make a refund request for your shipment

Surely, you are able to make retrieving request to returns items as long as the shipment in good condition without any damage or defective and you can return your product through contact our toll free-number: 800683 / 00971565004959

WhatsApp Number: 00971565004959


That within 7 days, from the date of receipt the shipment.

When the client wants to return one product or more after receiving the order, customer should pay 15 AED for shipping cost and in case that items return to Arabian Oud through a shipping company, will be add other 15 AED for shipping return and will deduct these amount from customer’s return money or to keep the amount of order in your balance in the store to use it in the next time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which are the cases that I can’t be able to return my order?

  • When you applied a request for return product after the determined time (7 days from the date of receipt.)
  • When you used the product, open it or damage it.
  • Products tampered or removed its serial numbers.
  • When the packaging of the items was damage.

How can I get my money back on my credit card?

If a purchase order had been done by your credit card then you can be able to refund your money. When we receive your request we will return the amount to your balance on Arabian Oud website or to your credit card or whatever the electronic way you use to payment through and the time of receiving amount is different and based on your account bank, may take until 30 days to get your money back.

In case I paid in advance (cash) how can I refund my money?

If a purchase order was by cash on delivery then you can return the demand price to your account on Arabian Oud website, you can use it to buy other products from our website or you can refund the amount of order through bank transfer and may take 30 days to refund amount.

How long shipping company needs time for the customer to return goods? 

Shipping officer will contact you within 1 until 5 business days but in some cases, it may request longer time from freight forwarder and it may take 2 weeks.


Replacement Policy:

Surely, you are able to make the order for replacement items unless the shipping was in its original case without any damage and that’s through contact our free number: 800683 / 00971565004959

WhatsApp Number: 00971565004959


That within 7 days from you received the order.

When the customer wants to exchange and replacement one item or more after received the order. Customer should pay 15 AED for shipping cost and in case that items return to Arabian Oud through a shipping company, will be adding other 15 AED for shipping return and will deduct the amount from customer’s return money.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I replacement and exchanges my shipment?

Yes, you can exchange your shipment and that’s through contacting our customer service and if the product which is you want is available we will replacement but on condition that the product you want to be replaced should be in original case without any damage inside or outside and not open, and that should be within 7 days from you received the order.  

I have received wrong product?

In the first, we apologize for this mistake and in this case, you can contact us through

Roll free-number:  800683 / 00971565004959

What’sApp 00971565004959


We will replace it for you and send the correct shipping or guide the client to the closest branch for him/her to replace the product.

 After receiving the order we will inspect the products for replacement it or exchange and after checking the returned product from our specialists that product conforms to packing conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the procedure in the case of complaint?

In the case of a complaint about the product or delayed receipt or any problem related to customers, so he can contact with customer service via consumer service number during businesses hours 00971565004959 and they will open special ticket related to the problem details and be followed up by them and they will contact the client with 48 working hours.



Working days and contact hours?

We can help you and communicate with you within office hours as follows:

Sunday – Thursday from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm

Is the perfume which is a sale on the Arabian Oud shopping website is the same with the perfume in branch?

We wish to emphasize here all of Arabian Oud products both in the branches or on the shopping website supplied from the same factory, therefore, there is no difference between our perfumes from the branches or our perfumes from shopping store.


-       In case there is product unavailable, the Arabian Oud will work hard to provide it to the client and if it fails we will communicate with the client to choose other product or cancel the request and refund money to the customer if it was paid.   


Cancellation of the order:

Arabian Oud reserved the right of cancellation of the order for any one of the following reasons:

  1. Payment process unacceptable or declined.
  2. If the address given from client was incorrect or contact information was incorrect or being unable to reach the client.
  3. products are not available in this time.
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