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Shipment Policy:

Shipment and taxes be account based on the country and method of delivery and referred to it when the order is completed. Cash payment service on delivery is available in UAE.

Free shipping all over UAE

Shipping Time:

All orders will be shipping and delivered through Shipment Company within 1-9 working days in UAE and may take time for shipping orders outside UAE and differ from country to country.  You can track your shipment through Shipment Company’s web site.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take to ship and receiving the product?

  • Shipping will take from 1 to 5 working days.
  • We delivered the product to shipping companies on the date and responsibility shipment lies with shipping companies and they are full responsibility to deliver the products on the time and properly.
  • The client is responsible for following up on his order with shipping companies, and Arabian Oud responsible can be ended once deliver it to the shipping company.

How much the cost of shipment?   

The cost of shipment will be determined based on website privacy and marketing offers that’s we are announcing about it through our website.

How can I determine the date of receiving the order? 

By writing the note on the shipment that explains your suitable time or through coordinate with shipment agent.    

Is it possible to collect multiple order at once shipment?

No, every shipment will be delivered separately and also separate invoice and tracking number.


Upon receipt the shipment, the client should check the shipping if it has any damage caused by Shipment Company or pre-opened and don’t receive it then contact our store through free telephone and what’s up    

If you are not at home, our partner will contact you to arrange a new appointment for you.

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